Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Years!

So...I am a project-a-holic.  If I don't have a project going I get restless.  This works out perfectly, because I own a home, so there's always something to do. 

   My problem?  I am terrible with taking before, and during pictures!  After isn't usually a problem.  So, my New Year's resolution is to actually document my before pictures, how to tutorial, and after pictures. 

   On the list of things to do this year in no particular order: 

  • Grow a bigger garden!       
  • Paint our kids room, and tv room.  They are the only rooms in the house that don't have paint.     
  • Organize the pantry.  Its not a pretty picture.  I don't even like going in there its so bad.     
  • Overhaul the laundry room.  This will include building pedestals, shelving, maybe a tile floor, and painting.  Its going to be awesome...when I actually plan it out. :)     
  • Build closet shelving and organization units for all closets.  I am accumulating clothes faster than I have room to accommodate them.  This must be remedied so none of my clothes get buried or lost!     
  • And finally we are going to start framing the basement!!  I am most excited for this one! 

These are just the big ones.  I am always coming up with random things on the fly to do, plus all my other passions that I'm sure you're dying to know about.  Its going to be a fun year!  

Stay tuned for my quickie post of after pictures of all the projects I haven't blogged about this year!

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