Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Little Post On Homeschooling

So, since my daughter just turned five, and the school year is about to start, we just finished filling out and notarizing our home school affidavit forms for homeschooling!

  Now, before you exit out of my blog because you're not interested in homeschooling, STOP!  This is not about to be a blog post filled with my opinions.  I'll save that for another day. :)

I actually just wanted to plug one of our favorite outlets for buying crafts.  Vaeh is intensely into art right now.  Then again, what 5 year old doesn't like playing with paint, glue and scissors, right?  She gets her paints out almost daily and creates something unique.  Just a few days ago she was pouring paint into ziploc baggies and cutting the corner and painting like she was decorating a cake!

Vaeh's most recent fridge art

So we are always on the lookout for cheap art supplies.  We get things from all over the place, including the local dollar stores, Wal-Mart, Michaels, but my favorite one stop shop for art supplies is Discount School Supply.  I know, who hasn't seen the annoying links all over the internet about this place?  Well, here's another one!  We've bought everything from pipe cleaners to paper, to googly eyes here. This is where we always get our paint, but many times I will just buy $100 worth of stuff to last the year.(Shipping is free if you spend over $80).  And with Vaeh using it almost daily, a year is a long time.

So, homeschooling or not, discount school supply is a great place to buy art supplies! 

And, because I am loud and opinionated :)...here's a really great book everyone should read about the public school system.  Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto.  Enjoy!

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