About Lyndsey

Welcome to My Alternative Life!  I am Lyndsey, stay at home mom, mother of three, philosopher, DIYer and so much more. This blog actually started out cataloging all of my DIY adventures, but I decided I couldn't be boxed in to just blogging about that!  A fun practice that I have incorporated into my life is questioning everything.  I like to analyze why I do things and if there is a better way.

  Some of the things you'll see on this blog are many of the philosophies I now believe in such as peaceful parenting, radical unschooling, the non aggression principle and many more.  I try to keep an open mind to anything that I feel will make my life and the lives of my three children and husband better.  I still love DIY projects so you will still see that here, as well as topics on home birth, holistic healing and probably anything else that comes to mind when you think of the word "alternative".  

I have found incredible value in questioning the status quo and hope I can help you do the same!