Monday, September 26, 2016

Back to the Blogging World!

Well, I havent written on this blog in years!! I think my last post was 4 years ago. I did do Liberated Parenting in 2013-14, then sadly let that go too. But I do love writing and expressing my opinions and thoughts in word. For some reason I can really organize my thoughts much better with the written word than in a spoken conversation. This is why my husband always wins arguments...kidding, kidding...kind of...

I guess I also keep thinking my kids are getting older and I have documented almost zero of that time of my thoughts and experiences of it all. Sure, there are a crap ton of pictures and plenty of videos, but when I look back, I want to remember what it all felt like, the joys, the sorrows, the funnies, and the frustrations. Sure, I blogged about parenting, and there were a few personal posts, but most of them were more advice posts. I have spent the better part of the last 2 years wishing I had saved those posts though. The stuff I wrote about was the stuff I was learning at the time, and some of it was gold! Not to brag, but I would even go back and read them (you know, to more practice what I preach) and it was always super helpful. I miss them, so the lesson of the day is, always back up your blog posts somewhere other than your blog people!!

So today I though I would give you all a glimpse into a day in the life of me and my brood. Here we are, 10 years later, still doing the unschooling thing and loving it! Vaeh is 10, Joby is 7, and little Sage is not so little anymore at 5. Aaron is almost (and by almost I mean a year left) done with finishing his bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and we are counting down the days until he is done! I am (and have been) bringing home the bacon while Aaron is in school since he quit his job. Its a job, but I do love that I can stay home and the kids are always either with Aaron or with me.

Our current interests:
Lyndsey-I've been making Kombucha and loving it! It has loads of great health benefits and is super easy to make. Even me who can barely keep plants alive (and by barely I mean I can't, they are all dead) has been able to make several batches and keep my scoby alive. It has helped us so far with mood (lots of b vitamins), has loads of probiotics, enzymes, and antioxidants. The kids all love it and really I just can't make enough. I've also consistently been lifting weights and loving how it has helped me feel. When I don't work out for a while I start to get grumpy and sad, and sad grumpy Lyndsey is not fun to be around.

Vaeh-She just bought her first phone and is having all sorts of fun on Musicaly. Its an app where she can make videos of herself and easily edit them. She has loads. She is also doing mytech high and having mixed results with how much she likes it. It has allowed us the opportunity to get lots of school supplies and sign her up for choir, as well as motivate her to read. It has its pros and cons.

Joby-Joby is currently working on growing out a beautiful head of hair. Every time we ask him how long he wants to grow it he says he likes it how it is but doesn't want a hair cut. He is also my gamer and is currently loving playing Terraria, Roblux, Minecraft and watching Dantdm, Pokemon and is always up for playing with buddies.

Sage-Sage is currently in love with a little game called Best Fiends and plays it any time he gets the chance. He adores Joby and wants to go everywhere with him and do everything with him. He loves dressing up in his super hero costumes and running around the neighborhood.

All in all life is wonderful here at Casa de Merrill/Wilcken!