Sunday, October 21, 2012

Its Raining Sunshine

Does anyone else feel like life just gets better as you get older?  I feel like I am ripening like a good wine.  My twenties have done WONDERS for me, or maybe I have done wonders in my twenties. is good!
(I am literally listening to this song as I blog:)
Once upon a time I watched a movie called The Secret, and even though it resonated with me and seemed awesome I didn't like how the message seemed to be centered on money.  "You can make as much money as you want and live in your dream house!"  Yeah, "whatever" says the girl who grew up poor and married a boy who grew up poor.  Poor was our destiny, and this "secret" was just a rich person telling you how easy it is to make money.  Not so easy for us poor folk.  Can I get a "I hear ya" from the poor folk in the audience?  

So I lived my life, and we just focused on making our kids lives as rich as we could.  My husband got this job right before we got married because his boss found his resume online and we thought God had to be smiling on us, even though the job only paid $10 an hour and offered no insurance.  When you are 19 and don't have a college degree you think this is awesome!  We had this idea that you have to work really really hard to make lots of money, and part of that working was going to college for at least 4 years, but better if its 6-8 years.  This is why the secret seemed so hokey to us.  We didn't want to spend that much of our lives doing something that didn't bring us any happiness even though it might "someday" offer financial security.  We had 3 kids, found a program where we could build a brand new house(which seemed like a miracle at the time), and life was great!  

Life is still great, and let me tell you why.  My life has been what I have wanted it to be, and now I am wanting bigger and better things and they are HAPPENING!  The Law of Attraction is no joke, neither is the power of positive thinking.  I had this poor mentality when I watched it and couldn't believe that I could ever have the house of my dreams, or travel the world, or have Aaron work from home.  I had this idea that money was bad and wanting money was bad.  Money is simply a means to an end.  It is a resource that can bring you the things you want and need in life.  My belief about money was stopping me from ever making any!  So much of what we want out of life, experiences really, take money to achieve.
Anyone who has been following my blog is witnessing my life changing in slow motion.  I am finding resources to help me achieve what I want in life and couldn't be more excited about it!  I know that looking at my life things don't look any different, but it starts with your thoughts.  If you don't ever think differently nothing different will ever happen, so here I am, thinking bigger and better and bigger and better is happening.  It feels like its been happening for a while, because I have been having these thoughts for about a year now, but I am beginning to see differences.  I have made some awesome new friends that fit in perfectly with my ideas and that is why it is Raining Sunshine today.

I still have some work left to do, but when you are excited about it, is it really work?  

Have you, or do you still have thoughts that are holding you back?  Are your thoughts leading you to a happy life? If not, start re-evaluating what you believe.  
Its a simple as that. :)


  1. This is my first time here at your blog and I wanted to say "Thank you so much for sharing"! I am just learning the positive thinking way of life and I really enjoyed reading your story.

    1. Thanks Oneida! I'm glad you enjoyed reading. Positive thinking has done wonders for me and continues to do so, and it will do wonders for you too. ;)