Friday, February 3, 2012

Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food

So last night, as I told you in my last post, I took my family to this AWESOME raw foods class  by my even AWESOMER(Oh, yes, I did just write that) friends Rachel, and Chris Talley. 
It was super inspiring, and we will for sure be making some changes to our diet.  In the mean time, my wonderful husband was inspired to write a post on health.  So this is a guest post by none other than Aaron Merrill! 
 Take it away babe!

Just read an article called "$1.1 Trillion: What the 10 Leading Causes of Death Cost the U.S. Economy"

Here are the first three:
1. Heart Disease> No. of deaths: 595,444> Change since 2000: 25% decrease in death rate> Total cost: $190 billion
2. Cancer> No. of deaths: 573,855> Change since 2000: 7.5% decrease in death rate> Total cost: $227 billion
3. Chronic Lung Disease (Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases)> No. of deaths: 137,789> Change since 2000: Total cost: $65 billion

What are we to do? Take a pill? radiate ourselves? then take more pills? Well, you could take that route. But what if there was another way? A way that may seem bizarre only because it seems too simple. It is to make nutrition your medicine. Better put: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates
Why would is this so hard to believe? Maybe because the majority of our food today is so far removed from its natural, whole form.  We process all the life giving, healing qualities out of it!

Maybe it's hard to believe because we can't imagine that the modern processed foods doing anything more than just fill our bellies. 

Whole foods have been time tested, and have proven themselves to be the best nutrition for both humans and animals. This is a mere fact and if it weren't, so I wouldn't be here writing this. By this mere fact, I have trust in the above quote by Hippocrates. Highly processed foods and even genetically modified foods obviouly have not yet proven themselves as a benefit to our health. In fact, just looking at the current state of our country's health status (reference above) and what the majority of our diet and lifstyles are, tells us these foods are not passing the test and should tell us to stay away.  We are still free to choose what goes into our bodies. :-)

Whole raw foods have been for the first time in history been accessable very easliy, yet we have not taken advantage of it. I don't intend to judge one bit. Life is to be enjoyed, and a part of that is eating. Even eating tasty foods. I will not lie. So, this is for those who want a certain result in their physical health. On the other hand the stories and experiences are piling up about the awesome benefits of whole raw foods and I think it's time we give it a try. 

Whole raw foods are delicious, but they also give us that extra energy to truly be able to live our lives!   I don't want to barely live because I love eating processed, dead foods.  Rather, I want to live, feeding my body what it needs for optimal health and vitality!

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