Friday, February 10, 2012

Breast Milk Awesomeness

I have been a mother for a little over 5 years now.  I have a 5 year old daughter, and two boys ages 3 and 1.  Since I have been a mother I have taken my kids to the doctor maybe 7 times between all of them, and have never had antibiotics.  Maybe I just haven't found a doctor I like, but all of my experiences taking my kids to the doctor haven't benefited us AT ALL! 

Here's a preview of one of my visits.  I took my 3 month old baby to the pediatrician that I had seen a handful of times because he was having acid reflux.  Usually I go to the Doctor as a last resort, when I have utilized all other resources.  This time I was reading a favorite blog of mine about another woman and her baby's acid reflux and how he gave her a list of foods to cut out to help.  So I figured I would go to get the same list and some other ideas.  I went, and he gave me a...prescription?!  I asked him about diet and he said there was no correlation.  That was it.  You can imagine my disappointment!  And this is usually about the norm of what happens when I seek some kind of western medical intervention.  I then went home, threw the prescription away, and did my own research on my diet.  I cut out a bunch of foods that I thought were contributing and I also remembered about an oil that I had called Digestzen from Doterra.  Between the diet and the oil, his acid reflux was just a memory.  And that's just one example of what usually happens when I take my kids in.

Don't get me wrong, if my kids break a bone, or slice their hand open, I will definitely take them in.  They know what they are doing when it comes to accidents.  Western Medicine is really good at putting people back together again. If we're talking infectious disease, they just don't have what it takes.  

Now, this doesn't mean I let my kids wallow in misery and sickness.  I have many great resources from my oils, to herbs, some great books on Natural Health, the internet and my midwife/medicine woman.  

This brings us to my current awesome healing story!  My 3 year old son wakes up about an hour after falling asleep and he's crying.  My husband and I just thought he needs to pee, because that's usually why they wake up crying.  I took him to the bathroom, but he is still squirming around in bed and crying every 5 or ten minutes.  I knew something was wrong, and would ask him where he was hurting, but all he could do was cry.  Finally, at about 1:30 in the morning he is screaming at me telling me his ear hurts!  So there it was, an ear infection.  So I run to get my Basil essential oil and garlic oil to put in and around his ears.  I begin rubbing the oil around his ear and ask him if I can put some garlic oil in his ear.  He, of course, says no.  He doesn't want anything in there  probably thinking it would just add to the pain.  The Basil soothed him enough to put him to sleep for maybe 2 minutes, then he wakes screaming even louder.  It was then that I randomly remembered how amazing breast milk is for any kind of infection!  So I ask him if I can put some mommy milk in and he tells me yes.  I fill his ear with my milk and he IMMEDIATELY calms down and falls asleep.  I let the milk sit there for about 10 minutes and then turned him over to drain his ear.  He slept the rest of the night and a good part of the morning without any pain.  This even surprised me how quickly it soothed and healed his ear.  With this success rate I was thinking they should prescribe breast milk for ear infections instead of antibiotics! 

Moral of the story?  I don't really know.  Breastfeeding is awesome, maybe? Take from it what you will.  I just had to share how quickly it took his pain away.  I have found that I usually know what to do for my kids if I just listen to my instincts.  Fever?  Lots of fluids.  Infection?  There are some amazing products out there that have no side affects like antibiotics do.  Look into it.  Seriously.  The Health Food store is one of many good resources for my family's health.  Doterra is another, and researching the internet on over health has also been a great asset.  I don't claim to know more than a doctor, by any means, but I do know my kids more than anyone.  In terms of mild illnesses I think anyone can take matters into their own hands without seeking medical attention and prescriptions.


  1. That is amazing Lynds! I don't use herbs as often, but I am doing a lot of the same thing as you. I love using the essential oils and just being healthier all around. My kids are very seldom sick too and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Yay for being NATURAL and HEALTHY! :)

  2. Judah has an ear infection :( I'm trying this out, hope it works. Thank you for sharing.