Sunday, September 13, 2009

The roof and progress since wednesday

We put our house up in 7 days(excluding sheeting and shingling the roof)!  That is the fastest we have moved so far!  We were able to put the trusses on our house on Thursday.  Minus a few minor things that didn't quite go as planned, our house looks great!  We were able to start on the 6th house yesterday and are hoping we will be just as fast there.  We are all still hoping to be in before Christmas.

Aaron having fun setting trusses
The crane putting the trusses on
After they finished Thursday night
The inside with our vaulted ceiling.  You are looking from our dining room into our living room.  To the right is our half wall to the stairs.
The next two days were spenting sheeting the garage and the back of the house.  All that's left to do for shingles is two overbuilds in the front and sheeting what's left of the front.  This is our side garage looking from the north.
The front of the garage fully sheeted.  Aaron's handy work.
The front of the house with the roof.  Anyone want to come pull our weeds?
The back and side of the house.  The back was fully sheeted in one night!

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