Wednesday, October 14, 2009

its amazing how drywall makes your house look more like a home

As soon as we finished building our house the subcontractors came in to start working.  So far the drywall is on, taped, and mudded, and I think they have even textured it by now.  Last time I was at the site they were prepping for stucco!  I am really excited to see all the colors I picked for our house come together.  Here's a few pictures of the house with drywall.

In our living room looking at the plant shelf over the hallway to the bedrooms

The arches in our bedroom.  I love how the different heights make them look.  This is my favorite part of the house.  This is the only thing that I built on the house that you can see.

And this is from the hall way looking over the stairs into the dining room and living room.  To the left is the door.

We are almost finished with house #6!  #7 is almost ready for its roof, and #8's lumber should be delivered today!  We are all so anxious to be finished.  Its starting to get really cold!  My next task will be to start the rock work for the houses, and in the next week they are going to start putting in cabinets.

Although I was hoping to be in by Christmas I am starting to loose hope.  Our supervisor told us if we wanted to be in by Christmas we would have to be done the first week of December so they could inspect it and have the open house before we move in.  In the beginning we were really productive, but as of lately people are leaving when it gets dark(7:30) instead of staying until 9.  People are getting sick, people are tired, and some have just gotten lazy since their houses have been finished.  We need to hurry up and finish before we start hating each other!  No, I love our group, but its like family.  You know everyone so well, its a love/hate kinda thing.

That's it for now.  Could still use volunteers!  We are pretty burnt out, so we could use all the help we can get.


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