Monday, August 17, 2009

I finally have some new pictures!

So we are in week 8 of building and are just putting the finishing touches on the Wilson's house and Jason and Lisa's place. It seems to be moving at slugs pace. The group that is in Payson that we were originally a part of is working on their LAST(8th) house now. I think that is partly why I feel like we are moving so slow, because they are moving so fast. Our supervisor is in their group though, and he has mostly built the houses himself. I have to keep reminding myself that.

Supposedly the lumber for our house will be delivered on Friday, but that's what Tony has been saying for 3 weeks now. It isn't a huge deal. I don't mind not starting on our house because it doesn't really matter, but it is exciting that we might get to start building on it soon. I wanted to set a goal to get Monica's house ready for trusses on Saturday, but nobody else seemed to chime in much on that, so it probably wont happen. My prediction is we will have all the outside walls done by Friday. Today I would have been working on floor joists, but instead I have to go fix a bunch of doors and windows that were put on wrong. I get frustrated when I don't hit my goals.

So here are some pictures of the Wilson's house and Jason and Lisa's house as of Saturday afternoon.

This is Jason and Lisa's place(house#3) getting shingles

This is the Wilson's place(house #2) almost done shingling

This is Jason on top of his house

This is Aaron working on green plate for Monica's house(#4)

That's it for now. We could still use volunteers if anyone wants to come. Just call or message me for the addresses.



  1. Oh, I sooo know how that feels...I think to myself "There's no reason why we can't get this done by this day" and it seems like it never does because something gets messed up or someone didn't come or something didn't get ordered. Thankfully, I think this week's gone a lot better. AND WE GET TO START YOUR HOUSE TODAY!!! (Which is especially exciting because your house officially puts us at more than halfway through framing!)

  2. wow guys! Wait ago! What a beautiful family and a new home!!!!!!