Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Best Cake Yet

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves

The princess cakes turned out GREAT!  Really, the pictures don't do them justice.  I am always a little sad to cut into them.  It's like painting a picture and having someone tear it apart.  Oh well, it was fun to do, and we will always have the pictures.  

If anyone wants to do the same for their daughter, all I did was use a small pyrex glass bowl to bake large cupcakes(or small cakes).  Since we cooked them in bowls I turned the heat to 325 and baked them for longer.  Each cake took about 40 minutes.  The princess dolls were polly pockets that my mom already had, but if you want to buy them I see them a lot at the checkout and several stores for $5 each.  As far as decorating, I didn't end up using the cake tips.  This was all a ziploc baggie with a whole cut in the corner.  If I can do it, so can you!  I'm not even sure how much a custom cake like this would cost, but it only cost me about $6! 

Happy birthday to my little Vaeh, who made me a mother.  I love her to pieces!

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