Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jumping on the Blog Wagon!

I have wanted to start a blog for a while cataloging all of our home decor and building adventures for a while now, but had doubts.  You know how it is, 

"No one will want to read what I have to post"
"there are a million other bloggers doing the same thing"
Anywho, I finally decided I'm cool too, and people may just want to read about our diy-ing adventures!  Plus, in trying to decide what to blog about, I wasn't exactly sold on starting another decorating blog, or building blog.  I just wouldn't have enough posts to sustain it.  My husband and I build a lot, and enjoy decorating, but there's so much more to us that I wanted to share with the blogosphere!
  My proudest accomplishments in my life are when we built our first home (along with 7 others), and the home births of my three children.  And blamo!  The idea was born: Home Construction to Home Birth!  After building our home I fell in love with building anything and everything, and it was when I was pregnant and deciding on a home birth that I fell in love with herbs and essential oils, and alternative methods of healing.  So from my greatest accomplishments is born my diy passion.
So in this blog you can expect to see all sorts of diy projects.  There will probably be a lot of decorating and building posts, but you can also expect to see posts on herbs, oils, alternative medicines, posts on some of my home birthing thoughts and interests, composting and gardening exploits, sewing(although I am terrible at this on I want to become better), painting, we will start homeschooling this year, so there will probably be some of that as well as a bunch of stuff I just can't think of right now.  
So stay tuned!  Coming soon will be posts on a stair gate we are currently making, built in shelves, our garden, and why I diy!


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