Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas from our new house!

Just thought I would send out one last blog before I'm cut off from the internet for a few days.  Tonight we had our open house!  Most of the group was moving in, but we decided we would move on Saturday just to make things easier.  We did move a few boxes over and our plants and it was pretty exciting to see our things in our house!  We are for sure going to need to get a gate for the stairs because, of course, that is the highlight of the whole house for the kids.

Here's a few pictures from our open house, plus (almost) all of the houses.

We're thinking of sending this as our Christmas card.

All the families in our group at the ribbon cutting

House #2 (house #1 is in Payson and I didn't want to drive there, but it looks just like this one)

House #3 Jason and Lisa's new place

House #4 Monica's house

House #5 Our house

House #6 Rhiannon's house

House #7 Carina's house(my only neighbor so far)

And house #8 the Fraser's place

And there you have it. Our 6 months of labor and we finally have our houses.  Almost feels too good to be true!  Merry Christmas everyone!  


  1. what an accomplishment! 6 months is so great for that many houses. It took my builders that long to build one townhome. So happy for you! Merry Christmas!

  2. It looks great! You should definitely send that as your Christmas card!