Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home Stretch

We finished framing! *happy dance*  I am so excited that I will never have to use a nail gun again!  It almost feels like Christmas.  My job from here on out is rock and probably some caulking and I couldn't be happier!  For a while there it was feeling like I would be building forever, and now I can feel it coming to a close.  Oddly I have ambivalent feelings about it.  I have had a lot of fun, even though it has been equally frustrating I think I'm going to miss it.  I guess I'll just have to go volunteer for all the other groups.

Update for our house:  Our house has been painted, we have all our light fixtures in, he have all our hardware(door knobs, towel racks, etc), we have linoleum in and our cabinets were put in.  We have vanities in our bathrooms with tops and mirrors, it looks like our finish plumbing was done for our showers, and our deck landing is done(it just needs a concrete pad at the bottom and then it will get stairs).   I think we will be getting counter tops today and carpeting will soon follow along with appliances!  Whoa man, its exciting!

Here's a few pictures of the finish work.

This is our kitchen and dining room before the cabinets were put in (That's the cabinets in the living room)

A close up of our linoleum. (even though its linoleum, I really like the one we picked)

The living room filled with cabinets

The start of our rock.  We still have a LOT left, but I SUPER like it!

A corner shot of the rock

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